Leads River - Craigslist web dev leads in your inbox daily.

Leads River



— Me (Marc Gayle)


— 2012

Project overview

A web application that crawls Craigslist for potential sales leads of web development and design services, that then emails a daily list of these leads to subscribers.

This has been suspended due to a low response rate of leads. Craigslist doesn't provide an API, so there is no way to confirm whether or not the poster of a Craigslist ad actually received an email from our users. As a result of that the response rate was abnormally low.
Also, the initial email service provider banned the service because they don't allow 'lead generation emails' being sent from their service.


  • HTML / CSS
  • Ruby, Rails
  • Nokogiri, PostgreSQL
  • Hosted on Heroku


#web-crawler, #xml-parsing